Fiscal representation services

Fiscal representation services

We provide a full range of fiscal representation services, assuming the role of tax representative or authorized representative on behalf of our clients on procedural obligations related to VAT and profit tax / tax on capital gains, relying on a deep knowledge of the tax system in Romania and excellent communication with the tax authorities of our country.

Tax representative / authorized for VAT purposes

We assume the role of tax representative or empowered representative to meet the obligations regarding VAT in Romania on behalf of our clients within and outside the European Union when their activity in Romania leads to compulsory registration for VAT purposes in Romania. Given the complex nature of regulations in VAT in Romania and considering the fact that our customers needs are often very specific, our attention focuses on particular aspects of investigating and implementing a way of working tailored to each client. The companies established outside the European Union which have activities in Romania may be forced to appoint a tax representative or to comply with legal requirements regarding VAT collected on operations, or to obtain a refund of VAT in accordance with procedure stated in the European Commission 13th Directive. As a general rule, registration for VAT purposes in Romania, if required, should be performed before starting business in Romania. Regarding clients established in other Member States of the European Union, through our services we can assist in direct registration for VAT purposes in Romania.

Our fiscal representation services include a component of assistance during the registration for VAT purposes in Romania and during the process of removal from the National Authorities fiscal record, at the end of the activity. Also, our services include a complete range of related services, the preparation of the formalities for declaring, VAT payment, record keeping required by law in respect of VAT in Romania, assistance during the process of obtaining VAT refunds, correspondence with the tax authorities etc.

Tax representative / authorized for purposes of income tax and capital gains tax

We assume the role of representative on behalf of non-resident clients performing in Romania through a permanent establishment or performing real estate on the romanian market or securities traded on regulated markets in Romania. Given the complexity and specificity of such projects usually we recommend a prior and thorough analysis of each project to identify specific tax treatment of each situation from the perspective of Romanian legislation.

If there is an obligation to pay tax on capital gains in Romania, for example following the trading of shares in companies from Romania or from the sale of real estate located in Romania, non-residents may be required, under certain conditions, to register in Romania and to declare and pay tax on capital gains related to these transactions. We provide assistance to non-resident clients in identifying, structuring and optimizing obligations to pay the capital gains tax in Romania. Our services include assistance during the fiscal registration in Romania and in the process of removal from the National Authorities fiscal record, and a full range of services related to preparation of tax formalities such as filing tax returns and certificates of tax residency, relationship with brokers and other intermediaries in these transactions, correspondence with the Romanian tax authorities, providing tax payment instructions and assistance in an eventual application for reimbursement of overpaid taxes.

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